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New CDX Online Course Coming This Summer

What's New

  • Improved ADA compliance
  • Easy navigation with clearly tracked progress
  • Freedom to customize your course: rearrange content, drag and drop files, adjust calendar, and save your changes for next term
  • Videos and animations illustrate the content all in one window
  • Validated and vetted test bank
  • 2017 ASE Educational Foundation (NATEF) automotive education standards met for MLR through MAST
  • Digital Tasksheet Management and Completion Reporting
  • Improved security when students can reset their own password quickly
  • Mobile device compatible

Transition Schedule

June 2018

Sign up for a webinar.

Request a quote to for a new PO, if you need one.

Back up your personal files, if any.

CDX Support will back up your LV14 gradebook once classes are over.

July 2018

CDX Support will prepare your new course. Training opportunities include group and 1:1 webinars.

Sign up for a webinar to get your first look at the new system.

August 2018

Ready for Classes


Why the change?
This new course is designed to meet the needs of today’s automotive classes. That includes alignment with 2017 ASE Educational Foundation (aka NATEF) standards and increased ADA compliance. In the four years since we first rolled out LV14 we’ve learned a lot about what does and doesn’t work for our community of instructors. We’re excited to bring you a learning system that was built with your students' success in mind while offering instructors a much simpler navigation, better reporting, and easier access to quality content.

What does it cost?
There is no difference in pricing between LV14 and CDX Online. All subscription agreements will be honored at their existing pricing.

Do I need to do anything?
If you have customized your LV14 site with personal files, you should make sure you have a backup copy of your customized information with the ability to access your files easily. When your new course is ready in August, you can simply drag and drop them into your new site and assign due dates.

Over the summer, CDX will be backing up and securely storing your LV14 gradebook. We’ll also be sending information about training and how to learn more to get ready for the fall.

It is highly recommended that you sign up to join one of our summer training sessions so you can take full advantage of the new functionality.

What happens to my old site?
Once you have received your new CDX Online site in early August, your LV14 site will be ready for closing out. There will be a 3-week window during which both sites will be active so you have time to migrate all of your files to the new platform and get the hang of the new site. Your current LV14 site will be closed by August 31st.

How can I get training?
We’ll be hosting webinars throughout the month of July. Sign up now to join one. You’ll be emailed a reminder the week before and day before. But it is summer, so if you don’t end up attending the ‘live’ event, you will receive a recording of the session you can review any time you want. You can also email to schedule a one-on-one webinar training.

When will I receive my new course?
New courses will be ready August 1st.

Can I request a quote?
Fill out the form on this page.


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